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Kelvin came as an "enfant terrible" from Copenhagen's experimental climate to a somewhat quieter southern country in the 1960s.

His art oscillates between deep existential seriousness and absorbed humor, and no one in his region has created so much debate about art. Kelvin believes that art is a tool in which curiosity playfulness and openness are indispensable phenomena to cope with the various challenges of the time.


Kelvin is a much appreciated lecturer, insightful educator and a creative consultant in color, form and space.


Based on the headquarter in Sörmland, where the soul is larger than the world, Kelvin creates his art based on the meeting of the present and its conditions, constantly in search of expanding the boundaries and finding peace in the perfect balance.

After all his years working in Sweden and the Nordic countries including the Little Faroe Islands, Kelvin Sommer's art has reached "over there" and is now represented both in the USA and Australia.

A selection of

separate exhibitions:

Eskilstuna Konstmuseum 1971 1982 1991
UKS, Unge Kunstneres Sammansluttning, Oslo 1972
De unga, Stockholm 1976
Strängnäs Museum 1978
Konstfrämjandet, Örebro 1979
Arvika Konsthall 1986
Härnösands Konsthall 1986
Hälsinglands Museum 1988
Aalborg Konsthall, Danmark 1989
Konstfrämjandet, Stockholm 1990
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm 1993
Galleri Örsta, Kumla 1994
Färöarnas Konstmuseum, Torshavn 1994
Galleri Gripen, Karlstad 1996
Örebro Konstmuseum 1997
Landskrona Konsthall 1999
Gruvmuseet, Falun 2000
Bohusgalleriet, Uddevalla 2002
Konstforum, Norrköping 2002
Arvika Konsthall 2003
Konstform, Norrköping 2003
Galleri Hera, Stockholm 2004
Kumla Konsthall 2005
Not quite gallerie, Fengersfors 2005
Galleri Karlslund, Örebro 2006
Pelles Lusthus, Nyköping 2007
Ekebyhovs Slott, Stockholm 2008
Retrospektiv utställning, Eskilstuna Konstmuseum 2010
A selection of exhibitions:
Gruppe Akta, Kolding 1965
Den Frie med Gruppe Gyrr, Köpenhamn 1968, 1969, 1970 och 1971
Midsommardraken med Jörgen Nash och Lis Zwick 1969
Dokumenta Kassel med Situationisterna 1972
Situationisterna, vandringsutställning i Rotterdam, London, München och Paris 1975
Teckningsutställning Kulturhuset, Stockholm 1976
Aalvar Aaltomuseum, Finland 1980
Centre Culturel Svedoise 1990
Performance ”Vi ger järnet” med Anton Engvall, Eskilstuna Konstmuseum 2004
Konst på åsen, skulpturutställning 2010
Kelvin Sommer is represented on:
Statens Konstråd
Strängnäs Museum
Sörmlands Museum
Örebro Museum
Eskilstuna Museum
Danska Statens Samlingar
Färöarnas Konstmuseum, Torshavn
Aalvar Aaltomuseet, Jyväskylää
Teckningsmuseet, Laholm
Kommuner och landsting

Art books by KS:
Målaren Åke W Andersson
Okända underbara målare, 2001
Konsttidskriften Kunst i Danmark
Konstresencent i fem år i tidningen Folket
Tidskriften Hjärnstorm
Eskilstuna Museers Årsbok

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